About us

BIOTECNO is a veterinarian pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in animal health and in animal nutrition, with both domestic and international coverage. We manufacture, market and distribute innovative best-in-class products for the livestock sector.

Our added value is the constant search of new solutions for the market; with efficiency, knowledge, excellent service and direct support to our customers and suppliers.

At BIOTECNO we are committed to customer satisfaction, developing, producing and marketing high quality products, constantly working on the improvement of our processes with a team of competent staff and qualified suppliers.

Our People

Our team of professionals is completed with veterinarians, animal scientists, nutritionists, pharmaceutical chemists, technical advisors and a staff dedicated to seek new technologies and products in the international market, to provide ongoing technical support and service to our customers as well as to analyze field situations, among others.

We count with a wide distribution network that allows us to have domestic and global presence.


Manufacturing and marketing of products specialized in animal nutrition and health, with high quality standards for the domestic and international market; through our own portfolio and exclusive representations of leading multinationals, based on a constant dynamic of innovation.


Be the preferred veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory by our work team, clients and suppliers.


Research and development: ability to analyze and interpret our industry which allows us to be proactive while understanding current and future market needs.

Client service: specialized and direct technical support for our customers. Through extensive analysis, information and training we respond to the concerns and needs of each client.

Trademarked products: our exclusive line of proprietary products is manufactured with exclusive carriers.

Innovation: through our extremely disciplined and scientific approach, we’re able to bring new products to the market as well as to develop products manufactured with state of the art technology.

Strategic partnerships: we pursue and build partnerships with suppliers which result in exclusive opportunities that are favorable to all parties.

Politica de Calidad

At BIOTECNO ZF S.A.S we are a company dedicated to the manufacture of innovative pharmaceutical products for animal health and nutrition, we seek to ensure the highest quality. We meet the requirements of our customers in an efficient, timely and professional manner. We watch over the follow-up to the fulfillment of the needs of the clients and of the regulatory entities; we work continuously in the improvement of our processes and the selection of qualified suppliers.

We are committed to environmental protection and pollution prevention through:

  • In compliance with current legal regulations and other requirements applicable to the environmental impacts of its activities and products.
  • The rational use of resources and the use of appropriate technologies.
  • The continuous improvement of the environmental management system, ensuring the contribution and commitment of its collaborators and relevant stakeholders, through training and guidance to achieve good environmental performance of the processes.