Colombian Swine Association

Biotecno was present at the international seminar of health and swine production, which was held at Corferias in Bogotá. Our company sponsored a discussion by Dr. Hector Jaime Aricapa about the management of soluble treatments. Representatives of our sales team attended to deepen their knowledge base while networking with clients.

Amevea Colombia

Biotecno’s commercial team attended the incubation and chicken quality seminar, Collections II. Representatives of Biotecno participated in the technical conferences and they met with both current and potential customers.

National Poultry Exhibition & Congress XVII

Biotecno attended the XVII National Poultry Congress in Cartagena, Colombia. Members of our technical and commercial departments were accompanied by representatives of our supplier Tronox Alkali.

Evaluation of Sorghum in Chicken Feed

Due to the accelerated increases in the price of maize has been generated the need to replace partial or fully this raw material in the diets of chickens by most available products and pricing that positively impact the profitability of the production process. 

Plasma Supplementation During Weaning

Weaning is a stressful period in the production of pork. During this period the young pigs must quickly adapt to a variety of stressors, including separation from the mother and litter, transportation and stress by regrouping of litters, as well as other environmental stress factors, such as changes in temperature, new environment, and dietary changes.