conferencias salud pulmonar feb-2017

Lung health – training cycle

For BIOTECNO it is very important to provide support to our customers, therefore we established a training cycle per semester. During the first half of 2017 we began with the theme of Lung Health, which is divided into the following 4 training modules.



Module I

*Swine respiratory complex

Module II

*Predisposing factors in the presentation of the porcine respiratory complex

Module III

*Biosafety internal, external and health plans

Module IV

*Strategic control (CRP)

We have started this program with our clients Agriplus and Apa. The talks are presented by our swine production specialists: Mr. Andrés Felipe Botero and Dr. Héctor Jaime Aricapa.

(See Acitt 100 & Hi-Doxi 500)