Plasma Supplementation During Weaning

Weaning is a stressful period in the production of pork. During this period the young pigs must quickly adapt to a variety of stressors, including separation from the mother and litter, transportation and stress by regrouping of litters, as well as other environmental stress factors, such as changes in temperature, new environment, and dietary changes. All of these factors of stress imposed on the animal occur in a critical window of the intestinal development, resulting in permanent defects in intestinal health and defense functions.

These adverse changes, both short and long range occurring in the intestine, include the increased intestinal permeability and one sensitivity higher than subsequent stress factors. Therefore the modulation of intestinal health during the immediate weaning period may have significant benefits in health and intestinal function long-term in the pig.
The object of the East study was to test the effects of both levels as the extension of supplementation with plasma spray (SDP for its acronym in English) during the immediate to the post-weaning period to see if it improved the health of the intestinal mucosa and defense…
 Author: APC, technical department
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