NEOMAX 500 | Swine – Poultry

NEOMAX 500® is a bactericidal antimicrobial, belonging to the aminoglycosides group, which acts by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis. This product has a spectrum of antimicrobial action comprehending mainly gram negative and gram positive bacteria:

It is a growth promoter acting improving intestinal integrity in birds and pigs at different production stages, achieving a full potential of nutrients and increasing the effectiveness of treatments.


NEOMAX 500® is indicated in birds (chickens, pullets, turkeys) for the prevention, treatment and control of unspecific diarrhea and salmonellosis.

In pigs for the prevention, treatment and control of colibacillosis , salmonellosis, dysentery and vibrionic edema disease.


Neomycin sulfate (equivalent to 50 g of neomycin base) 70 g


Bags of 5, 10 and 20 kg.