MISTRAL | Poultry – Swine

Bed drying powder. Innovative formula that associates 100% natural active principles.

In swine, it reduces losses in maternity (thermal protection, colostrum intake, sanitation), improvement of growth results (piglets and fattening pigs) and improvement of the atmosphere.

The benefits in poultry are the improvement of growth results, sanitation by drying the bed, economy of bedding and reduction of the rejection rate in slaughter.


Mistral has several application methods:

  • Spread on the bed with your hand or by nebulization.
  • By hand, at key points such as drinking troughs and feeders in poultry farming.
  • By nebulization in the facilities for pigs and poultry.


Dry micronized clays, minerals and essential oils.


Bags of 25 Kg