Nutritional additives

LIVER FREE is a natural supplement recommended in poultry and swine for protection, repair and regeneration of the liver (in its hepatocytes).

DUALPROT  is a product designed to achieve a dual purpose, acting in favor of the intestinal and liver health of production animals.

GUSTOR N’RGY provides unique balance of sodium butyrate, sodium salts of butyric acid, with free vegetable fat protected effectively along the gastrointestinal tract because it allows gradual release during digestion.

S-CARB is a natural supplement, obtained from a mineral called Trona, used in animal nutrition. Its physical appearance shows crystalline structures in form of white needles, with a free flow. 

QUALITEGG is an enhancer of the overall quality of the egg restoring intestinal balance, favoring the absorption of nutrients, increasing the availability of calcium and highly digestible phosphorus.