Syncra AVI | Poultry

Syncra®️ AVI, a combined solution between Danisco’s patented adaptive probiotics, together with a synergistic and specific mixture of xylanase, amylase, and protease, has been developed over multiple studies based on intestinal pathogens isolates from birds at a global level, to provide improvements quantifiable in poultry performance. 

Syncra®️ AVI enzymes work in isolation according to the diet substrate and are present at an optimal concentration per kilogram of product, with the aim of improving nutrient digestibility and flock uniformity. 

The probiotics, made up of three Bacillus strains that are included in Syncra®️ AVI, do not allow the intestine to become inflamed, since they reduce intestinal permeability to toxins and the adhesion of fimbriae of pathogenic bacteria, providing a healthier gut and, in this way, the energy is more accessible. 

Key benefits of the product

  • Improves nutrient digestibility since it ensures less undigested substrate reaching the terminal ileum, where it could otherwise act as a food source for non-beneficial bacteria. 
  • Increases beneficial bacteria in the gut, modulating the microflora, creating a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria, and maintaining diverse populations, even in challenging times. 
  • Reduces the energy cost of the immune response, improves nutrient digestibility, restores balance in the intestinal tract environment, and boosts the bird’s ability to deal with health challenges. 
  • Maintains a favorable nutribiotic state, where nutrition, the microbiome, and intestinal and immune function interact to create balance in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to better productive performance. 

Recommended dose in poultry

200 g/Ton


25 kg bags (premix)

*Highly effective additive, characterized by the synergism between probiosis and nutrition, and that through its combined mode of action, allows maximum productive benefits to be obtained