Biotecno training

Training programs and technical lectures

BIOTECNO developed an specific training based on a series of IV modules about Porcine Pulmonary Health. During the first half of 2017, the first series of modules was delivered to several of our clients in the Antioquia area. Among the participants were clients of the distributor Agroplus, with a very successful training cycle. After the trainings, Biotecno provides the guests with a certificate of attendance.

In addition, Biotecno’s team has been offering specialized technical talks nationwide, regarding our own product Pig Light 4000.

The lectures and trainings have been given by Mr. Andrés Felipe Botero (Swine Director) and by Dr. Héctor Jaime Aricapa (Technical Advisor).

We thank all attendees for their participation, and we will keep our audience informed of the next training cycle.